oie_transparent           Hi…………I’m a college student from Pathsala , Assam . It might seem stupid to you , but I had got a crazy idea of making a website containing the details of each students of our college. But it was after I had started with my task did I realize that no one was willing to disclose all their information to be displayed in this website . Then I thought of availing the marks of each student of our college through this website. My intention was honestly to help the students but unfortunately even the teachers were not in a mood to help me. Finally I ended up making this website that would provide the address , contact no, fees structures and all other required information regarding all the private tutors in our town Pathsala. Initially though I had some difficulties in collecting the information on each and every teacher but it was because of their support and cooperation that the making of this website was possible . I will always be thankful to all my dear friends for availing me with their helping hands during this task. After everything was ready, I had to scratch my head for several days looking for a name for my site…. an exceptional as well as a special name so that our site gets listed on the search results of the search engines and people can find it easily. Ultimately I came up with the name “DASTINATION”. I derived it from one of my other projects on which I was working on simultaneously. The title might seem odd to you as it’s not ” DESTINATION” but “DASTINATION” But yes it does have a secret meaning,something that I don’t intend to disclose. I prefer using the term ‘DASTINATING’ when I work on it. Believe me, I didn’t have time even to turn my head once for two weeks as I was busy working on this project and making this project was really a great experience. It enforced my believe on sweet fruits of hard-work. It was indeed an uphill task but as the saying goes ” If you start you can continue”. I too followed this principle and finally completed it. Hope you like it.